If you’ve upgraded your windows with Aspen then you’re in luck – our Starmark brand windowsare a breeze to clean! Starmark’s window latches allow for easy angling to clean both inside and out, plus our casement windows open a full 90°, just pop the screen out to clean.
What are you waiting for? Get started on your path to clean windows with these expert window cleaning tips:
For The Glass
To remove any filth that may have left a layer of film over your window, a simple mixture of mild dish soap and water should do the trick; just apply to a soft cloth or sponge and wipe.
To remove heavy grime, wipe with a dry cloth first then move on to clean with soapy water, vinegar, or liquid window cleaner; there’s no need for abrasive cleaners on Starmark windows. Use a squeegee for a streak-free finish!
  • CAUTION: Using abrasive cleaners or attempting to remove built up dirt or dried on paint with a metal razor blade may damage Starmark’s Heat Shield™ coating.

For Window Screens

Cleaning your window screens not only allows you to see out your windows better, but it also lets more air flow through when you have your windows open. Whether you’re cleaning a conventional screen or Starmark’s innovative ThruVision Plus® screen, your best friend is a soft fiber cloth.
Using a soft cloth, wipe down the window screen with the same soap and water mixture you used on the glass and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For tough spots, try using a bit of rubbing alcohol on the window screen.
For The Hardware
Typically all the hardware (latches or handles) needs is a little dusting, but if they’re really looking bad, a bit of soapy water will do the trick!
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