Meet HMI Windows- Our Exterior Door Manufacturer

HMI Door Manufacturer History

Aspen Home Improvements is proud to work with Household Metals Inc. (HMI) , a local door manufacturer based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Noubar Yeremian founded HMI Doors in 1983 was born in 1994 as a manufacturer of sheet metal and steel radiator covers. In 1988, Noubar’s vision for the company changed. HMI Doors shifted their focus to producing quality replacement doors and expanded its product offering to include steel security storm doors while phasing out of the radiator cover business.

HMI Doors originally manufactured doors the for the residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and have since then expanded throughout the rest of Pennsylvania and beyond. With the expansion came the need for a larger facility. The company then moved to Scotts Lane in Philadelphia. 

HMI Doors began to prosper in the steel security door market which allowed the company to expand its growing product line in 1994 with steel entry door lines. In 1998 HMI once again relocated their headquarters to Erie Ave. in Philadelphia in a 135,000 square foot facility in order to accommodate the increased production. 

HMI Door Contractor in Lancaster, PA

HMI’s products have since arrived here in Lancaster County, as their business and products have undergone serious growth and popularity. 

Aspen Home Improvements is a one of the most reputable and certified HMI Door dealers in PA, MD, WV, and DE. Aspen has consistently delivered excellent results and exceeded customer expectations of homeowners with the help of HMI’s products.  We are proud to offer two of our replacement door services with only HMI products – that being door replacement and Storm door replacement. We trust that our work has resulted in satisfied customers all throughout Lancaster County and beyond.

As for the quality of HMI’s products – you can feel at ease knowing that you’re getting some of the most durable Doors out there! HMI Door products meet and exceed the most demanding certifications. HMI doors are Energy Star certified and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified which means that they meet and exceed Solar Heat Gain, U-Factor, and Coefficient ratings required by the NFRC.

We even back the quality of HMI’s products by offering a limited lifetime labor and materials warranty with our service.

We wouldn’t work with HMI Doors if they weren’t quality products! Consider Aspen Home Improvements for your next door job, and see for yourself why we use them. Looking for HMI door installation cost estimate? Contact us today to schedule a free in-home quote for your project!

Aspen Home Improvements can install a wide variety of HMI doors types to your home. These types include:

  • HMI Steel Entry Doors
  • HMI Fiberglass Entry Doors
  • HMI Aluminum Storm Doors
  • HMI Security Storm Doors
  • For more option check out the HMI doors catalog
If you’re looking for a door type that compliments your home – it’s more than likely we have what suits your needs! We are proud to offer an array of door supplied by the our partners at HMI – consider us for your replacement door installation!


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