Fall Home Maintenance Tips

What’s the best way to keep your home in tip-top condition? Preventing problems before they happen! That’s exactly what these fall home maintenance tips will help you do.

Don’t wait until problems arise to take action. Different seasons call for different maintenance tasks. Here are a few things you should do this fall to make sure your home is ready for the colder weather to come.

Check the Fireplace

What better way to warm up during the chilly winters? Before you think about lighting up the fireplace, check to make sure that it’s safe by: making sure the damper opens and closes, looking inside the chimney to make sure it’s free of debris, and checking the roof to make sure there’s no damage to the flashing around the chimney. If there is, you may want to think about hiring a roofer to fix the problem before the snow falls.

Remove Hoses and Shut off Outdoor Faucets

Before the first big freeze hits, take care of all outdoor plumbing. Remove and drain hoses that you may have left on during the summer months and store them inside to prevent freezing. If you can, turn outdoor faucets off. If you can’t turn them off during the winter, you might want to try foam faucet insulators to protect the pipes.

Look for Drafts in Windows and Doors

Drafts near your home’s windows and doors can be terrible during the winter months, so it’s best to start the search now and fix the problem before it gets too cold.

Look at the Roof’s Condition

Your roof is never more important than in the winter months when the snow falls. Make sure it’s going to protect you and your family. No need to climb up onto the roof for this, simply examining your roof form the ground (using binoculars if your roof is high) can be enough.

What are you looking for? Cracked, buckled, or missing shingles and rut spots on the flashing. If you have damaged or missing shingles they should be replaced as soon as possible! This is something that our team of specialists can help you with.

Some problems may be cosmetic and don’t require immediate attention, such as algae stains. Others, like moss or lichen, may be a sign of decay or underlying damage and require attention before the problem worsens. A professional Pennsylvania or Maryland roofer can take a look at the problem and determine the best course of action.

Now that you have fall home maintenance tips, go forth and prep! If your home’s exterior is in need of some maintenance before its snow-covered, contact Aspen Home Improvements to learn more about the door, window and roof repair in PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland.



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