Top 5 Things to Think About When Replacing Your Home’s Siding

New Vinyl siding replacement in Nazereth PA

There are several reasons why siding replacement is crucial for your home. For one, it’ll improve the appearance, of course. Pulling into your driveway and seeing a brand new, beautiful siding on your house is a benefit for you and your neighbors and an investment in the value of the house itself. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a more efficient … Read more

Siding Ideas for a Stylish Home

siding ideas for a stylish home

The siding of the house has become a fundamental part of making your home attractive. It provides a refreshing look to the exterior of your house while retaining heat and preventing any form of adverse weather conditions from making your house uninhabitable from the inside. After the roof, the only other component of your home … Read more

Vinyl Siding Installation: Don’t Forget the SidingTrim!

Vinyl Siding Installation

When you’re undertaking a vinyl siding installation to your home the first, and most important, thing to think about is the siding trim.  The siding trim is important in the functionality and looks of your home. It is what holds the home siding to the exterior of your home, allows it to expand and contract … Read more

Should I Invest In Fiber Cement Siding?

Vinyl siding Installation in Hershey PA

This question is a subjective one, and can’t be answered right off the bat. In fact, it’s recommended that you learn more about fiber cement siding to see what it can and can’t do for you. In the world of siding, fiber cement remains to be one of the most popular materials out there. It … Read more

How Long Does A Siding Last?

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist!

Siding serves as your home’s first line of defense from the elements. At the same time, the elements it is meant to keep at bay are the ones that lead to its decline. That is the intrinsic paradox of the exterior siding. However, different types of siding withstand abuse from rain, heat, and wind at … Read more

How to Clean your House Siding

home siding

Homeowners who take a keen interest in the look of their siding know how important regular maintenance is to keeping the siding looking great and increasing its lifespan. Cleaning vinyl siding is an important yearly maintenance job, just like cleaning your gutters.  With the heat, harsh winters, and all other elements, your siding is susceptible … Read more

Benefits of Using Reinforced Siding

Benefits of Using Reinforced Siding

Siding serves very important functions in your home. It keeps your walls and belongings safe from harsh weather elements. Siding also serves as insulation, helping reduce heat transfer, lowering your energy consumption. It helps keep your home’s structure free of moisture, insects and debris that may lead to extensive damage…

6 Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding

Replacement siding

Often overlooked when prioritizing home improvement options, your home siding deserves more attention than is already given to it. In as much as siding may not be at the top of your home improvement priorities, it is essential to your home’s beauty, energy-efficiency, and integrity. A well-maintained, premium standard vastly influences not just your home’s curb appeal but its value as well. Most significantly, your home’s siding is your first line of defense from the harsh elements.


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