The Difference Between Roofing Materials

Roofing Types

In a way, roofing is like a helmet for your home. It is what shields your interior from outside damage – protecting you and your family from the likes of wind, rain, snow, and other potential hazards. That’s why, for homeowners, it is important to know what your roof is made of, and as such, … Read more

Why is my roof leaking? Reasons and Viable Solutions

Why is my roof leaking? Reasons and Viable Solutions

Why is my roof leaking? Reasons and Viable Solutions A leaking roof is every homeowner’s nightmare. A drip from your roof is the precursor of a bigger problem on your roof. A problem of such a scale is, more often than not, quite costly to correct. You will spend a lot of money and time … Read more

Is DIY Roofing a Good Idea?

Is DIY Roofing a Good Idea?

Is DIY Roofing a Good Idea? Is DIY roofing a good idea? Many people are open to the Do-It-Yourself approach when conducting home improvement projects. DIY is an exciting prospect to many homeowners who wish to save on time and money. However, DIY being a good idea may not necessarily mean that it is a … Read more

Does My House Need Roof Gutters?

New Gutter Replacement system Installed in Lancaster, PA

Your gutters are an important part of your roof’s ecosystem. Gutters direct rainwater away from your home, protecting various elements from damage. These handy drainage systems also protect your home’s foundation from getting worn down by rain troughs. Additionally, they prevent excess rainwater from causing damage to your gardens and landscaping. Gutters can, however, be … Read more

Types of metal roofs

Roofing Types and Trends in 2020

The type of roofing is an imperative factor when it comes to building a house. A metal roof is epic since it is durable and reliable; above all, it brings out an aesthetic view to your house if you involve an expert. However, different types of metal roofs flood the market, and therefore, due diligence … Read more

What to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

Home improvement frequently asked questions about roofs

The roof is one of the most visible elements of your home’s exterior appearance. This means that the roof serves both a functional and an aesthetic role. Choosing your roof’s color is, therefore, one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. At Aspen Home Improvements, we understand that a roof could change … Read more

What To Have On Your Roof Maintenance Checklist

aspen roof repair

Your roofs need regular maintenance so they can have a long, effective lifespan. Besides improving your roof’s longevity, regular inspections and maintenance keep your warranty valid. While it is advised to have a roof inspector performing annual inspection and maintenance for you, there are a few maintenance procedures you can perform yourself. If you live … Read more

The Importance of Roof Insulation and Ventilation

the importance of roof insulation and ventilation

Besides getting a reputable brand, premium materials, and stylish colors, it is important to note that proper ventilation and insulation are also vital for an effective roofing system. Quality materials and good workmanship will help you install a roof that will protect you from harsh weather conditions for a lifetime. Proper roof ventilation and insulation, … Read more


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