Siding Ideas for a Stylish Home

The siding of the house has become a fundamental part of making your home attractive. It provides a refreshing look to the exterior of your house while retaining heat and preventing any form of adverse weather conditions from making your house uninhabitable from the inside. After the roof, the only other component of your home that catches the attention of most people is the siding. The intent of having a stylish siding is not only to add curb appeal but to also shed the house in good light among observers. In this article, we guide you on practical siding ideas for a stylish home. We hope to help you achieve delightful visual harmony that will assert a wow effect on friends and neighbors.

Siding Ideas for Your Stylish Home

1. Blend your siding colors

You are not restrained from mixing multiple colors for the siding of your home. Your house can have a combination of different styles that fit your favorite style. Modern architectural designs that combine traditional lap siding and vertical shiplap with a mix of colors can complete your house. You can conglomerate many ideas to achieve your goal of attaining a stylish home through employing a mix and match siding technique. However, be careful not to combine colors inappropriately as this can be a total turn off.

2. Beachfront Appeal

Ensure that your home color and structure corresponds to its surrounding. For example, if your home is located along the beach or oceanic areas, it is expected that you consider siding your house in a color that matches the theme that fits this location. For a beach area, a white siding and blue roof stick with the coastal theme.

3. Quiet Color/ Vinyl Siding Colors

It is not only bright colors that make your home stylish. You should also consider applying cool, bold colors on your house. Cool colors are ideal for houses with classical Victorian designs and will satisfy you with quality finishing. Vinyl colors you can use include: natural clay to complete a classic look with a neutral appearance, plunge pool for a natural look, and autumn red for a bold statement. You can also consider using the Dutch lap, traditional lap, and log siding among the siding colors.

4. Rustic Style

Rustic-style siding is ideal for those people who have houses close to woodlands. The idea is to have the siding of your house matching the natural environment on the outside. By having a wood-like finish, the siding shall resemble and blend with the natural environment. Dark-toned colors match the theme of most traditional homes. The siding should, therefore, take such colors.

5. Warm Roof Tone

The color of the siding should be in harmony with that of the roof. For instance, if you use bold colors on the siding, you can use bright colors on the roof. In both cases, the colors should be consistent with the theme of the neighborhood or natural environment.

6. Victorian Style Siding

Adding unique trim patterns and other siding styles will contribute to your house looking more elegant and more appealing. This technique is typical of vintage Victorian-style homes.

7. Color Saturation

Consider saturating some colors if you want your house to stand out. Colors such as blue may look great when saturated in your house.

8. Distinguished Trim

At times, your house may not look stylish when you apply only one color on the wall. By minimally blending a different color with the primary color, the visual delight of your house shall be improved. For example, applying yellow trims on the dominant black color is more attractive than the monotonous black.

9. Porch Appeal

You can use wooden panels on the exterior of your home, especially on the veranda and also in the interior on the pillars. A home featuring contemporary wooden siding with a distinct style and light color remain classy and elegant.

10. Natural Accents

Natural accents look great when architectural panels are applied to the exterior of your home to provide a modern appearance. It can be achieved by applying wood-like lap siding.

11. Subtle Adjustment

Subtle adjustment siding can be applied when you want to change the shape of your home siding. Your home may feature vertical and horizontal siding. By adding different sizes of vertical or horizontal sidings, you will be able to create a decent subtle look.

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