Top 5 Things to Think About When Replacing Your Home’s Siding

New Vinyl siding replacement in Nazereth PA

There are several reasons why siding replacement is crucial for your home. For one, it’ll improve the appearance, of course. Pulling into your driveway and seeing a brand new, beautiful siding on your house is a benefit for you and your neighbors and an investment in the value of the house itself. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a more efficient … Read more

Senators Team Up With Aspen to Reduce Energy Costs

    Save your stubs!!! In these uncertain times of food prices rising, gas and energy costs going up with no end in sight, the Harrisburg Senators and family owned Aspen Home Improvements have teamed up to help homeowners in the Central PA region to budget for and solve many of today’s rising energy and … Read more

Siding Ideas for a Stylish Home

siding ideas for a stylish home

The siding of the house has become a fundamental part of making your home attractive. It provides a refreshing look to the exterior of your house while retaining heat and preventing any form of adverse weather conditions from making your house uninhabitable from the inside. After the roof, the only other component of your home … Read more

Why is my roof leaking? Reasons and Viable Solutions

Why is my roof leaking? Reasons and Viable Solutions

Leaking roofs is every homeowner’s nightmare. A drip from your roof is a precursor to a much bigger problem on your roof. A problem of such a scale is, more often than not, quite costly to correct. You will spend a lot of money and time handling roofing issues. Consequently, you’d rather know the reasons … Read more

Vinyl Siding Installation: Don’t Forget the SidingTrim!

Vinyl Siding Installation

When you’re undertaking a vinyl siding installation to your home the first, and most important, thing to think about is the siding trim.  The siding trim is important in the functionality and looks of your home. It is what holds the home siding to the exterior of your home, allows it to expand and contract … Read more

Spring Cleaning for Your Roof

With spring now quickly approaching, many homeowners will take to their cleaning tools to perform their yearly spring cleaning around the house. While there’s no doubt that the interior of your home could use some cleaning, it’s also important to check up on the exterior of your home, more specifically your roof. In today’s blog, … Read more

Ice Dams: What They Are and the Problems They Cause

The winter months can be a turbulent time for any home’s exterior, as the likes of snow, ice, and high wind can quickly arrive without warning, putting the structural integrity of your home to the test. This is especially the case for your roofing system, which essentially serves as your home’s helmet, keeping your interior … Read more


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