Window Replacement FAQs

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions within the window replacement industry and have provided you with our answers and professional opinions!

What are the best home replacement windows?

Vinyl Windows are a great window replacement option as they are both durable and a more cost effective option. However, if you’re looking for a slightly better window in terms of material quality and durability then you may want to consider composite windows. We offer very energy efficient Okna brand vinyl windows with each of our window replacement services. If you are looking for a window with a more solid extrusion we also offer the “Aspen Window” which is an exclusive composite window that is only available to Aspen Home Improvements.

Should I replace all the windows at once?

If you only have 1-3 windows that need replacement and funds are tight go ahead and replace just those windows to meet your needs. However, If you have more financial flexibility, many professionals recommend replacing all of your windows altogether. You could finance it all with one loan and have the installers complete the full job in just a couple of days. When you install all of the windows at once it takes less paperwork, less time, and less stress. At the very least it is recommended to replace at least 3-4 windows or a section of your home’s windows at a time so you have an idea of how old all of your windows are. It is important to be aware of each window’s lifespan to get an idea of when it’s time to replace them. If every window was installed at different times then it is hard to remember how old they are and you will run into consistent window issues.

Is it worth it to replace Windows?

Replacing your home’s old windows is always a worthwhile investment. Especially, If you are planning on replacing the drafty windows in your primary residence. New replacement windows provide many benefits such as increased curb appeal, increased home value, reduced maintenance, increased sound proofing, and increased energy efficiency! Modern replacement windows are about twice as effective at retaining heat and air conditioning compared to the original single-paned units that were originally installed in your home. All of our new replacement windows provide great energy saving benefits and are ENERGY STAR® certified. We offer double and even triple pane windows that can save you up to an average of 45% on cooling and heating bills!

What type of window is the most energy efficient?

Picture Windows are the most energy-efficient as they do not open and are completely sealed. However, if you’re looking for the most energy efficient window with the option to open the window then Casement windows are your best bet. Casement windows are also a very energy efficient option because the windows have a strong seal on all four sides.

When should you replace house windows?

You should consider replacing your home’s old windows if you notice that:

  • Your windows have issues closing or are improperly closing or Jammed.
  • You notice condensation on your window panes. This is an indication that the window seal broke.
  • Your windows have damaged or decaying window frames.
  • You notice air drafts coming from the window.
  • You notice poor soundproofing.

What is the best time of year to buy replacement windows?

We have found Spring or Summer to be the most popular seasons when people consider window replacements; however, there are large energy-saving benefits to replacing windows during the fall & winter as it can save you hundreds of dollars on heating and utility bills due to the leaked heating caused by drafty windows.

What is the process of Window Replacement?

Step 1: Do research and choose the right window company/contractors.
Step 2: Get window quotes from each reputable company/contractors.
Step 3: Choose the contractor that provides the best value for your long term investment.
Step 4: Get windows measured for a custom fit.
Step 5: Choose window customizations for the project and schedule installation date.
Step 6: Windows are manufactured to meet client’s unique customizations.
Step 7: Contractor will remove the old windows.
Step 8: Contractor will install new windows.
Step 9: Contractor will cap and frame the windows.
Step 10: Cleanup and Final Inspection.

Window Replacement Service Includes:

✅Free In-Home Quote! (Valid For 1 Year)

✅Lifetime Labor & Materials Warranty!

✅Financing Options Available (3-36 months Of Interest Free Financing!)

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