Roof Replacement FAQs

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions within the roof replacement industry and have provided you with our answers and professional opinions!

How do you know when your roof needs to be replaced?

You should consider a new roof replacement if you notice any of the following signs or encounter any of these roof problems:

  • A lot of weather damaged and broken shingles.
  • See old, rotted, or broken flashing.
  • Notice missing asphalt granules.
  • Notice curled shingles.
  • Notice cracked shingles.
  • Notice missing shingle strips
  • Sagging roof
  • Formation of Ice damns in the winter
  • Notice growth of mold and mildew on shingles
  • Experience roof leaking

What causes streaks on roof?

Roof streaks and stains are commonly mistaken to be dirt, mildew, soot or mold by homeowners. However, the dark streaking and discoloration on your roof are actually caused by Algae. The streaks appear in a dark color that look like black stains running down your roof. The algae that causes this is called gloeocapsa magma which is a type of bacteria that forms when algae spores group together. 

Lucky for you we use the Atlas Roofing System for all of our shingle roof replacements. Our Atlas Asphalt shingles are built with Scotchgard Protector which infuses the asphalt granules with tiny ceramic algae killing copper beads. Over time, the dew carries copper ions from these tiny beads onto the roof continuously preventing algae from building up and defacing the vibrant color of your roofing. Scotchgard Protector is also the only algae-resistant roofing product for long-term protection against black streaks. When you get a roof replacement with Aspen Home Improvements we can guarantee that your roof will be protected against black streaks caused by algae for the life of the roof. Contact us for a free consultation!


What is replaced in a new roof?

When your roof is fully replaced, the old shingles are stripped from the roof, exposing the deck. Our installers repair any holes and replace extremely damaged decking. The contractors then add a water resistant membrane underlayment. Lastly the new shingles are then installed on top of the underlayment.

How often should a roof be replaced?

Traditionally a shingle roof can last an average of about 20-25 years with proper roof maintenance. You will usually tend to experience roof issue and leaks around the 15-20 year mark. If you are experiencing many roof issues it may be a great investment to just get a new roof. Constant repairs can be expensive and if not addressed properly could become more costly if there is any interior damage. Read our blog for tips on how to extend your roof’s lifespan.

The average composition shingle lifespan is about 12-20 years. The average Asphalt Shingles lifespan is 15-30 years. At Aspen we use top quality asphalt shingles that last a lifetime. We even back this with a lifetime labor & materials warranty!

How long does it take to tear off and replace a roof?

Our team of roof contractors can usually provide a turnaround time of about 1-2 days for the average residential roof. The turnaround time could be longer depending on the square footage. However, If you plan on replacing the roof yourself it can a lot longer to get the job done without any expertise or a big work crew.

How can I pay for my roof with no money?

Getting a new roof replacement can be a very expensive purchase for a homeowner. Luckily, we offer fantastic and flexible financing options for homeowners. You could get a new roof installed for as little as $129 a month and in some cases with no money down. Contact our financing department for more information on financing your project. 717-569-3800

What is the process of replacing a roof?

Step 1: Do research and choose the right roofing company/contractors.
Step 2: Get quotes from each reputable company/contractors.
Step 3: Choose the contractor that provides the best value for your long term investment.
Step 4: Choose the specific roof materialsshingle styles and color customizations for the project.
Step 5: Schedule installation date.
Step 6: Contractor will remove the old roof.
Step 7: Contractor will inspect the roof decking and repair if needed.
Step 8: Contractor will prepare roof surface with water proof insulation membrane layer.
Step 9: Contractor will install the new roofing shingles or roof materials.
Step 10: Cleanup and Final Inspection.

Roof Replacement Service Includes:

✅Free In-Home Quote! (Valid For 1 Year)

✅Lifetime Labor & Materials Warranty!

✅Financing Options Available (3-36 months Of Interest Free Financing!)

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