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4 Things To Consider When Choosing Your New Exterior Front Door

Choosing an exterior front door for your home can be a very exciting task!  Your front entry door is the first impression a guest or passerby will have of your home, and we like to think of it as the centerpiece of your house. But, there are many factors to consider before choosing the front door entry systems that’s right for your home! You don’t simply just want an attractive front doors, you also need to ensure that it’s a good quality door as well.

Aside from the color, door style and the door’s aesthetic, here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping around for an exterior front door:

Exterior Front Door Durability

Take into consideration the environment you live in. Will your home be braving tough winters or harsh summers? You want to ensure that the door type you choose will be able to hold up to the elements. In addition, choose a door that will provide proper insulation. This will save you money during the most extreme weather in winter and summer!

Is My Exterior Door Safe Against Intruders?

Whichever door you choose should be adept at keeping out intruders. The hardware and locking system for your exterior front door should be properly functioning and of high quality to deter theft. Using a deadbolt and/or a reinforced metal box strike can help ensure your safety!

Front Door Curb Appeal

Of course, you want your home to look beautiful to anyone that crosses your threshold. Choose a door design that compliments the design of your home. This will give your home a much cleaner look. But, you also want it to match your personal style. You will need to look at this door for many years, so take your time in choosing a style that you love!

What is the best exterior door material?

There are a variety of exterior door material choices to pick from when deciding on an exterior front door for your home. One popular exterior door option is wood. A wood door can give your home a classic, elegant appearance. There are a variety of types and styles of wood and you can elect intricate detailing to add a stylistic element to your door, making it stand out from the rest! There are even options for wood exterior front doors with glass inserts that make your door look more custom and elegant. Stylized windows are always in-trend and can be a great way to add a little personality to your home. Wood is an good choice for a front door, however, wood can typically be more expensive than other materials, so be sure to consider your budget.

Fiberglass and steel exterior front door can be great alternatives to wood doors because they have the same style components but at a lower cost! They also provide enhanced durability and energy-efficiency, which is a huge energy saver.

Fiberglass Exterior Front Doors

Fiberglass is constructed by reinforcing a polymer with fine glass fibers. Fiberglass exterior front doors are lightweight, impact-resistant, and highly durable. The material is moldable, and its high strength ratings make it a perfect choice for high-end doors and windows. With advances in manufacturing, fiberglass doors can be manufactured in ways never done before. Modern fiberglass entry doors can be made to mimic natural materials like wood grain and can be painted to match any interior and exterior elements. The elegance, energy-efficiency, durability, and security that these doors bring make fiberglass doors an excellent investment for any homeowner.

Steel Exterior Front Doors

These doors are made of either polyurethane or polystyrene core that is draped with a steel skin. The core acts as a thermal barrier that reduces expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Steel exterior front doors are the perfect option for an entry door because they are affordable, durable, elegant, and offer better security & comfort than most other door types. Modern steel entry doors also give your home entryway a sleek and clean feel. While the options are limited compared to fiberglass doors, steel doors can also be customized to match your interior or patio furniture. Steel doors are also foam-filled and constructed with thermal adhesives that enhance your door’s structural integrity while keeping it energy-efficient. Energy-efficient steel doors are the perfect option for homeowners who are keen on going green.

Fiberglass Vs. Steel Doors: How do they compare?

We have seen that steel and fiberglass are currently two of the most popular choices for door materials. To help you choose between the two, let us compare them based on the factors below:

1. Appearance

Exterior fiberglass doors can be manufactured in many styles, options, colors, and finishes. They can be made to mimic a wide variety of wood finishes, including oak, cherry, mahogany, and fir. These doors can also feature paint and door stain finishes. Fiberglass doors also include a multitude of glass options, including decorative glass that improves your curb appeal.  You can customize fiberglass doors to your liking, making it an ideal option if you have specific design needs. While steel doors also come in various styles and finishes, they are not as many as those of fiberglass doors. These doors also support different glass pane options. Steel entry doors provides a smooth, unique entry into your home.

While both options can be customized, steel doors have more limited options.

2. Durability

Fiberglass does not crack, split, laminate or warp, even in the harshest climates. Fiberglass is, however, a lightweight material, and is prone to scratches and dents arising from mechanical shock. If the disturbance is strong enough, the fiberglass door might crack. Exterior steel doors are more prone to dents and scratches since it has a thin outer layer. However, the scratch cannot penetrate to inner layers, nor can they crack, making it a very durable option. Steel doors can also stand up to strong mechanical disturbances. Unlike steel, fiberglass is not susceptible to rusting, making it a durable option for an exterior entry door. Both options can last the lifetime of your home and usually come with limited lifetime warranties.

Both doors have impeccable endurance, but fiberglass doors have more desirable qualities over time.

3. Cost

In both options, the cost varies greatly with the style, size, and quality of the door material. High-quality fiberglass doors typically cost between $1500 and $2500+. High-quality steel doors usually cost a maximum of $1000+. Installation costs vary depending on the roofing contractor chosen. Normally, a fiberglass door installation would cost you between $3000 and $5000 for an average size door. An average size steel door installation would cost you between $600 and $1800.

Generally, steel doors are cheaper to purchase and install than fiberglass doors.

4. Maintenance

Both types of doors require little maintenance. You can clean exterior fiberglass doors with soap and water as regular maintenance. They require little preventive maintenance as they are dent and scratch-resistant. You can refinish and repaint them to your liking, with the help of a professional. They are also pressured washer-safe so long as the washer is on lower settings. Exterior Steel doors shouldn’t be pressure washed as this accelerates rusting. You can use an auto-body kit to pull and putty down dents. Steel doors do not require regular cleaning, though you should oil their hinges for maximum performance.

Fiberglass doors require the least maintenance.

Which is better, fiberglass, or steel doors?

We have explored how both types of doors measure up against our buying factors. Both are great options for any home. Your choice will be tied to the style, budget, and location of your home. For the average homeowner, we’ll recommend fiberglass doors, as they are easier to maintain, more customizable, and are durable.

Need A Front Door Installation Company?

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Besides offering security, your home’s entry door plays a critical role in the comfort and efficiency of your home. As a homeowner seeking the best value in your home, you may ask yourself what type of door is the best. Among the most popular options, steel and fiberglass doors stand out. Both types of doors offer endurance, security, and energy efficiency. Both options are also easy to maintain and can be customized. When faced with the option between steel and fiberglass doors, most homeowners have no idea how to compare the two. At Aspen Home Improvements, we want you to make the right call. In today’s article, we shall explore these types of doors and see how they measure up to our door-buying checklist.

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