Lead Generation

Are you tired of paying for affiliate marketing leads that require you to compete with several other home improvement companies? That may have little or no interest, that are impossible to get on the phone, and then you have to fight to get your credits back from bogus leads?

If so, begin receiving no cost confirmed leads from RMG today! Don’t just lower your blended marketing costs, put an end to the headache of generating your own leads with RMG.

We find, call, schedule and confirm your leads- at no cost to you!

We will schedule the appointment, confirm the appointment and enure that all decision markers are present- say goodbye to one leggers! You only pay if the lead sells. This guarantees you a fixed marketing cost on all sales. Unlike home show and affiliate marketing leads, your leads will be exclusive to your business, no more competing with other home improvement companies!

Stop dealing with the daily hassle of scheduling appointments, tracking and inputting those appointments and confirming them. We do all of that for you, at no cost. There is no risk to your company because you do not pay anything if the lead doesn’t sell. If for whatever reason the appointment does not sell, we will set up and confirm a rehash appointment for you the very next day! Our highly skilled rehash department will get your company back in the door, ultimately decreasing your closing percentages and increasing your businesses bottom line. If the lead does sell,  you will be responsible for paying a percentage of the sale price.

Once qualified for our pay-per-sales lead program, you will be given a designated RMG representative that will work directly with your company to ensure you are getting high volume, quality leads for your business.

To see if you home improvement company qualifies for our pay-per-sale lead program, fill in our new client survey now!


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