Trending: Garden Windows

Trending: Garden Windows

If you’re doing a windows replacement in your kitchen, have you considered adding a garden window? A garden window is similar to a bay window, but smaller, typically extending out about 18 inches from your home. The most commonplace to see a garden window is in the kitchen over the sink, but they can be a great addition to any room!

You don’t have to be a gardener to fall in love with garden windows. As the name suggests, they’re great for plants, but there are many other reasons you’ll adore this unique window:

Let The Light In

Why do these windows work so great for growing plants? They let a ton of natural light in! If your room doesn’t have much natural light, garden windows can make a huge difference.

Fresh Herbs Year Round

Do you love to cook with fresh ingredients? A garden window will give you the necessary elements to help you grow some fresh herbs indoors – as well as the extra space to store them! With a garden window installed in your kitchen, you can have herbs on-hand anytime you feel like getting creative in the kitchen. Check out these 13 herbs you should be growing inside your home!

Extra Counter Space

With a window that extends about 18 inches out, that means you have 18 inches of extra counter space! Imagine what you could do with all of that extra room! We have seen homeowners store kitchen items in their garden windows, grow flowers and plants, and even store some family keepsakes (like photos) for when they are hanging out in the kitchen.

Strong and Sturdy Windows

When you buy garden windows from Aspen Home Improvement, you’re getting a strong and sturdy window that’s designed to last. Garden windows are made with thick insulated glass and reinforced frames making them strong durable!

Increased Energy Efficiency

Each window installed at Aspen is Energy Star Approved, and our garden windows are no exception! Each window pane is triple-glazed, guaranteed to keep the cold out in the winter and in during the summertime, which will save you money on heating and cooling.

Learn more about garden windows and contact us to get a free garden window installation estimate for your home today!

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