Casement Windows

When guests come to visit you, the first thing they notice is your home’s aesthetic appeal. One of the most distinct features of your home is your entrance ways, whether that is through a front entry door or a patio door. With so many door styles, it’s no surprise that some homeowners have a difficult time choosing the right fit for their homes. 

As you begin shopping for your windows, pay close attention to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) label. When looking at the NFRC label, look specifically for a window that has a U-Factor of .30 or less. The smaller the number, the more efficient the window is at conserving cool air or heat throughout the seasons.

New energy-efficient tax credits have raised the standards for energy-efficient windows. In order to qualify for these tax credits, you must choose a window with a U-Factor of .30 or less. At Aspen, we use a standard U-Factor of .24, which is 18% better than what is required by the tax credits. We even offer Triple-Glazed glass that has a 60% higher U-Value than what is necessary! When you outfit your home with these updated replacement windows or “green windows,” you can save an average of 45% on cooling and heating bills. The solid cellular composite material we use insulates 99% better than any other materials used to produce windows today!

Our OKNA windows are constructed using Heat Shield™ glass. This heat-reflective coating is comprised of 11 microscopically thin layers of metal oxide (compared to its competitors that contain only 5 or 6 layers) that filter light. Some energy is transmitted and some is reflected.

Our Insul-tec 500 feature foam-filled insulated extrusions, high-tech double- and triple-glazed glass, and Heatseal® technology, which moderates the temperature of the glass, making your home feel more comfortable while using less energy! The Heatseal® spacer reduces carbon dioxide pollution from 1,200 to 1,600 pounds of CO2 per year, which is great for the environment. These windows have ClimaGuard™, which, like Heatshield™, provides multi-layer reflective qualities that absorb and reflect energy. This regulates the temperature of your glass, making them more cost-effective for you!

Concerned with the safety of your home? Our replacement windows are built with a multi-point locking system that provides the highest level of safety by securing your window by three critical points that are impossible to force open.

Our award-winning products are made in the USA, so you know they are top-quality! Every replacement window comes with a lifetime warranty, so you are covered for the lifetime of your home.

Learn more about the many different window options Aspen Home Improvement’s offers from our luxurious garden windows to our unique double hung windows that are custom built to fit your home. No matter what type of window you are looking for, we have you covered!

What type of replacement window are you looking for? 

  • Double Hung (Sash)
  • Sliding
  • Casement
  • Patio Door
  • Bay and Bow

All these types of windows sold by us will give an elegant three-dimensional aspect to your home, adding character and style to your home’s curb appeal.

Learn more about the many different door options Aspen Home Improvement’s offers from our luxurious patio doors to our award-winning storm doors that are custom built to fit your home. No matter what type of door you are looking for, we have you covered!


Who wants to throw money out the window? Not us! And we’re willing to bet you don’t either! But if your windows are outdated, drafty, cracked, or just “old,” you are losing money every day. Installing new replacement windows can be one of the smartest investments you make to your home.

Protect Your Family With Our HMI Aluminum Storm Doors And Elegant Sliding Patio Doors By OKNA

Aspen has been making homes more secure and warm for over 25 years, our reputation has been built upon providing homeowners from Lancaster, PA to West Virginia with custom fitted windows, roofing, siding, and doors. We work hard to bring you the high quality, safety and security that your family needs which is why doors from OKNA and HMI should be on your list for consideration. Aspen will never install anything to your home that will not enhance your home’s security and appearance. You will always feel prouder of your investment in comfortable living and relax in the protection your choices have given to your family – that’s something that we at Aspen Home Improvements guarantee with a lifetime parts and labor warranty!

Door repairs make your home safer and warmer

A well-made door can last for many years, but changes in the materials used and improvements in technology mean that storm and patio doors installed when your home was built, many years ago, are not as secure or energy efficient as modern doors from OKNA or HMI. When you buy your door from Aspen you can be rest assured that your investment is protected by a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

HMI storm doors

A storm door installation or storm door repair protects your home from the elements while also enhancing the aesthetics of your home. You need a door that feels as solid as a rock, that is heavier than most, but equipped with a well-made hinge and locking system that makes opening and closing feel light as a feather. Buyers of HMI doors are sticklers for quality and will not cut corners.

Whether you call on Aspen to fit an HMI Classic 700 series or the Elite 600 series you can be sure that you have made a choice to upgrade your home with a well-engineered door that will give reliable service for decades.

Both the 600 and 700 series storm doors have 12 styles; as standard, the 700 series doors come in white but can be specified in 22 long lasting powder coat colors. The 600 series gives 23 colors as standard. If your needs are even more individual, you can specify your Elite 600 door with one of over 200 additional custom colors.

OKNA patio doors

A patio door in your home extends your backyard right into your living room. Just slide the door open, and all the summer light and fresh air become part of your home. That is why Americans love to have a patio door in their home. The enormous amount of glass and large opening can lead to higher energy bills due to poor insulation, and the door mechanism can be a security risk.

As a responsible and budget conscious homeowner fitting an OKNA Elegant patio door is a great way to make your home both secure against home invasion and cozier as you keep the cold of winter outside where it belongs.

Aspen Home Improvements Is Your Local Door Repair Company

When you choose Aspen Home Improvements to supply, install and repair doors, you are choosing security as well as value from a business trusted for more than 25 years by homeowners in your area. We will be around to carry out maintenance and support our lifetime warranty work for as long as you need us. Head quartered in Lancaster, PA we proudly serve over 3 states and our showrooms are fully staffed with helpful experts waiting to help you choose the right investment for your home. Every door we carry is made in the USA, guaranteeing that your products are made well and built to last.


boost your curb appeal

Whether you need a home siding repair, siding installation, or a complete siding replacement, you’ve come to the right place! Aspen Home Improvements is the trusted home siding contractor in your area! We offer the best replacement services in the industry and it’s our goal to provide you with the best experience for your siding repair or replacement.

Our goal at Aspen Home Improvements is to help make your dream home a reality, while also providing you with the best customer experience from the very beginning of the project. Along with a focus on providing the best customer service, we also offer our customers top-of-the-line siding products!

We offer Mastic’s Quest and Ovation to our customers- they are American-made products and are proudly supporting American jobs with a company founded 75 years ago. Mastic siding products are designed with technology that suits North American conditions and standards so you can be sure that everything will fit together well, the available colors will match your tastes and complete your vision for your home.

As a North American product, Quest and Ovation sidings will withstand everything that our weather can throw at them from hurricane-force winds to hail storms, through high heat and extreme sun. Because American homes are larger than other countries the planks that comprise the sidings Aspen install can be supplied extra-long meaning that there’s no need for unsightly joins on long runs.


Mastic Ovation is a simple solution enabling you to renew your home’s siding at an affordable price. There are 20 colors with five panel styles. The Double 5” style is rated is rated as windproof for winds of up to 195mph. Rigidity comes from a greater than builders standard 0.42″ thickness for excellent durability. Five of the darker Ovation colors are equipped with SolarDefense ReflectiveTechnology, a layer of a cooling compound that scatters light, reflecting heat away and so keeping the panels cooler and more color stable. Not only are the colors going to last much longer, but the panels are resistant to chemical breakdown that can otherwise cause the failure of the siding.


Mastic Quest has a more substantial panel projection and due to its 0.44” thickness, greater rigidity. Panel lengths are 50-100% longer than the industry standard at either 16 or 25 feet, making a seamless, attractive finish to your home’s façade possible. The longer panels mean that you will see fewer seams, less leaking and improved durability.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter how strong the winds might blow outside; your exterior is safe because of the increased strength of Quest. Quest siding is proof against hurricane winds of up to 240mph!

Both Ovation and Quest give protection for even the darkest colors from the bleaching effect of the sun and stop the sun’s rays from weathering the panels. Unlike conventional vinyl siding, your Ovation, or Quest, installation with not show minor nicks and scratches, that’s because our sidings have color running through the entire depth of the vinyl. Many other products have the color applied in only a thin layer atop a thicker white layer meaning that any nicks or scratches show up as an unsightly white mark.

High Quality Siding That Lasts a lifetime!

Taken together, the protection systems built into Ovation and Quest siding mean that you get a lifetime of service from Aspen siding installations. Mastic offers the industry’s only no-fade, no distortion promise. Even better, when your home is sold, the warranty is transferable to the next owner giving a real benefit to prospective purchasers even decades into the future!


Aspen Home Improvements have been installing roofing for over 25 years, and we set the highest standards for our work; that standard runs through the choices of material we offer, such as the Atlas HP 42” shingle system, Scotchgard Protector for Roofing and our top of the line warranty. We pride ourselves in being a Premium Atlas Dealer, which means all of our roofers are fully certified, fully registered with Atlas products and they don’t get to work on your roof unless they have installed a minimum of 100 roofs. You might be thinking a brand new roof is a big investment for you and your family, but at Aspen Home Improvements we have fantastic financing options and we can install a brand new roof for as little as $99/month! Contact us now for a FREE quote!

How long does a roof last?

All too often we don’t give the condition of the roof much thought until it springs a leak leading to even more costly damage to the structure of the home. The best time to replace your roof is before you need buckets to catch the incoming water!

If you are unsure as to how long the roof has been installed, or you know that it is getting on in years, then it might be a good idea to go and inspect it sooner rather than later. Here are a few of the essential items to check:

  • Check under the roof in the loft space to see if there are signs of water having entered. You might see mold forming on wooden beams or on top of the insulation. If not mold then perhaps beams of light from the roof or stains and streaks where there shouldn’t be any.
  • Look at the condition of the shingles, perhaps using a pair of binoculars to get a good view. Are the shingles all lying flat or have they buckled? Are any shingles missing?
  • Have a look at the flashing. Older homes may have concrete flashing which will eventually crack or break. Tar is more resilient but will also fail.
  • Check the rooflines. Does everything look straight, or is there some bending or sagging? If there is, then there is damage to the beams holding up the roof, or to the boards under the shingles.
  • Can you see moss or fungi growing on the roof? Unwanted growths are a sign of trapped moisture which will be steadily weakening the roof structure.

All the above are signs that the roof is failing and is ready for repair or replacement before matters take a costly turn for the worse.

New roofing is not like your old roofing!

Modern roofing has improved giving your home enhanced thermal insulation, longer life, and innovations such as leak barriers to help prevent moisture penetration from rain and ice dams. At Aspen, we offer the best in modern roofing, the HP42” shingle from Atlas.

Your roofing shingle has several tasks to perform, it must be weatherproof, windproof, be easy to install correctly, and look good. Most of us, today, want to be using products that we know have a minimal environmental footprint. The Atlas 42” shingle offers all this and more.

There is no larger shingle available on the market. Atlas shingles look great because they are larger than other brands, fewer laps are required making installation faster and therefore cheaper. They have a 6” exposure giving a distinctive, elegant appearance as compared to the more common, smaller, types.

Are you ready to replace your roof? 

Get started today with a FREE at home consultation with one of our sales reps, and learn a bit more about why Atlas Roofing is the best choice and investment to keep your home safe and protected.


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