Window Installation: What Happens to My Old Windows?


Replacement windows for windows installation

Are you getting a new set of replacement windows installed soon? You might be asking yourself:

what do I do with my old windows?

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Most homeowners have no need for old windows once their new ones are installed, although DIYers have thought up some pretty creative uses for old windows. But what happens if you don’t have any use for them? What should you do with these unwanted old windows?

There’s no need to do any research on what to with your old windows if you hired Aspen Home Improvements for your window replacement! We will make your life easy. When you replace your windows with Aspen, we’ll haul away your old windows for you!

Once your windows are installed, the only thing you will have to think about is sitting back and enjoying the beautiful view from our award-winning windows!

Are you thinking about upgrading your old windows in Bowie, Rockville, Silver Spring other areas throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland or Virginia? Contact us today for a Free Estimate! One of our home improvement specialists will give you a quote and work with you to plan your window replacement project.



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