How To Install The New Expandable HMI Aluminum Storm Door

HMI obtained a patent for the expandable frame for aluminum security storm doors. This innovation enables instant installation of storm doors in addition to making them more appealing. The extruded aluminum frame is meant to produce a level opening that perfectly fits the storm door.

  • Right before you begin, open the box, then measure the door size and the opening. The intent is to ensure the size of the new door matches that of the opening.
  • Inspect the door, try to spot any flaws.
  • Remove the glass and screen from the door as they could break and endanger the worker’s safety.
  • The maximum adjustment range is set at 3/8”. However, suppose a more significant adjustment is called for, then backing shims are necessary.

Installing the header

  • Measure the width of the top of the opening
  • Beginning from the hinge-side, measure and mark the width onto the header assembly.
  • Cut the header assembly to width. Be sure to cut the lock side. In as much as only the hinge-side notch is necessary for proper installation, it is convenient to have the header assembly notched on both sides.
  • Fasten the header assembly into position using two Number 8, 1-11/4 inch pan head screw. Secure the header through pre-drilled mounting holes. The screws are used to bind the U-channel of the assembly to the jamb.
  • Using the pre-drilled holes in the U-channel as a guide, drill three holes into the jamb using a 3/16” drill bit. The holes should be 3/4 of an inch deep.
  • Once the header assembly is secured, remove the header and leave the u-channel in place.
  • Into the pre-drilled holes, fasten three, 1/4 inch by 3/4 inch, self-tapping adjustment screws.
  • Put the header back in place, fixing it in using a soft, rubber mallet.

Installing the hinge-side frame

  • Measure the hinge-side opening from the sill of the floor to the header.
  • Starting from the top of the hinge-side, measure and mark the length at the bottom of the hinge-side frame.
  • Once you have obtained the measured length, cut the hinge-side frame one-eighth inch less.
  • Using a v-groove to gauge the positions, drill five, 3/16” holes through the hinge-side frame
  • Put the hinge-side frame firmly in place and ensure the door is straight up.
  • Fasten the hinge-side frame using five Number 8, 1-11/4 inch pan head screws.

 Adjusting the header

  • To obtain a correct and clear gap, use three adjustment screws to attach the header to the door.
  • To fasten the header firmly in place, put three Number 8, 1 to 1/4 inch, pan head screws into the previously drilled holes next to the adjustment screws.

 Installing the lock-side frame

  • Measure lock-side opening from the threshold of the floor to the adjusted header.
  • Beginning from the top of the lock-side frame, measure and mark the length onto the bottom of the frame
  • Using the measurements above, cut the lock-side frame to length then cut off the bottom of the frame as well. Again, the lock-side frame is notched on both sides for convenience, even though only the top-notch is necessary for the correct installation.
  • Through the previously drilled mounting holes, secure the lock-side frame to the door jamb.
  • Each pair of adjustment holes comprises of one large and one small hole. Again, using the large holes to direct you, drill three-quarter-inch deep holes into the jamb using a 3/16” drill bit.
  • Remove the lock-side frame while leaving the backing U-channels in place.
  • Fasten five (or six) one and a quarter-inch by three-quarter-inch self-tapping adjustment screws through pre-drilled holes.
  • Firmly put the lock-side frame back in position

 Adjusting the lock-side frame

  • Use the five adjustment screws to align the lock-side frame to the door. The aim is to get a correct and clear gap.
  • Place five Number 8, 1-1/4 inch pan head screws into the previously drilled holes to fasten the frame into position.


  • Measure the width at the top of the adjusted opening. Cut the screw cover to length and using a soft rubber mallet, secure it into place.
  • Using the length of the adjusted height, cut the screw cover to length then secure it in place using a soft rubber mallet.
  • Install the bottom expander using two, Number 8 half-inch pan head screws
  • If applicable, use the 6” storm door latch lock backing plate as a shim.
  • Replace glass or screen.

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