Pros and Cons of DIY Window Installation

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As a homeowner, you are always looking for ways to improve your home on a budget. DIY projects are a great way to keep your home in shape without draining your savings. With DIY projects, you get a sense of accomplishment knowing your energy and commitment went into improving your property’s aesthetic and resale value. Since windows play an important role in the appeal and performance of any home, you could be looking to perform window installation yourself. Before embarking on such a project, you should understand the benefits and drawbacks you are likely to encounter. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of DIY window installation to get you started.

Pros of DIY Window Installation

When you decide to install windows by yourself, you should be confident in your carpentry and renovation abilities. Intermediate wood/metal-working skills will ensure that you complete your project successfully.  Below are a few advantages of DIY window installation.

  1. Reduced Labor Costs

One of the biggest reasons why most homeowners choose to install windows themselves is that professional installers charge an extra amount for their time and energy. When you perform the installation yourself, you save money as you don’t have to pay the installer. Most homeowners use the extra cash saved to buy expensive windows or use it for other home improvement projects. Either way, performing window installation yourself saves you a few pennies in installation and labor costs.

  1. Improved Self-Confidence

As a homeowner, performing a DIY project improves your skillset. When you install windows yourself, you increase self-sufficiency as you can effectively perform repairs on your windows when necessary. After completing a DIY window installation, you feel a sense of pride and confidence, since your home’s aesthetic appeal is a product of your labor.

Cons of DIY Window Installation

Before deciding to install windows yourself, you should compare the pros and cons of DIY window installation. Hiring a professional company to complete your project has a myriad of benefits. With an expert installer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your project will be completed on time and successfully. Though it comes at an extra cost, professional installation will save you from the drawbacks of DIY installation. These drawbacks include:

  1. You Might Void your Warranty

Most window manufacturers have warranties that guarantee the window will be replaced if it fails to perform before a specified amount of time. These warranties only stay valid if the window products have been installed according to the manufacturers’ specifications. In many cases, installing the windows yourself will void the warranty. Professional installers have been trained and certified by the window manufacturers to perform installations. When installing windows on your own, you are likely to go against these manufacturer’s specifications, voiding your warranty.

  1. Increased Likelihood of Mistakes

Windows perform vital functions for your home’s structure. They keep your home safe and make it comfortable. To keep windows performing optimally, they should be installed properly and effectively. When you install windows on your own, there is a high possibility that you won’t complete the project to perfection. Your window may have gaps and other issues that compromise your home’s structural integrity. This may end up reducing your home’s resale value. Working with an expert installer will ensure that your window is properly kept in its place, which will prevent issues from occurring.

  1. Personal Injury

Replacing windows on the raised floor will require the use of a ladder. Most average homeowners don’t use ladders that frequently. Ladders are often the cause of fatal falls, so you will need to be acquainted with safety techniques when using one. Additionally, glass panes may crack and shatter during installation. Professional installers have extensive experience in the entire window installation process. They have the necessary safety equipment to ensure that the installation can be carried out without risk of injury. To reduce the possibility of harming yourself or your family, you should choose a professional window installer.

We have explored the pros and cons of DIY window installation. While it may save you some cash in labor costs and gives you a feeling of accomplishment, DIY installation has its drawbacks. With DIY installation, you could void your warranty, make mistakes that could reduce your home’s value, and run the risk of personal injury. By working with a professional installer, you eliminate these drawbacks, avoid additional expenses, reduce the time it takes for installation, and avoid the expense of procuring tools. Only perform window installation yourself if you have the necessary tools and DIY carpentry skills.

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Does Your Home Have a Gutter System? It should!

Does Your Home Have a Gutter System? It should!


Does your home have a gutter system? It should!

Some homeowners make the mistake of underestimating the significance of a gutter system. The most common attitude with which most homeowners approach gutters is the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude, which is a self-defeating perception in the long run. In this article, we’re going to tell you how a gutter system is one of the most important parts of the longevity, safety, and health of your house. Moreover, we’ll also give you a description of the other side of the coin, in which the absence of a good gutter system will give you disastrous and ridiculously expensive problems.

How do gutters work efficiently?

The primary purpose of gutters is to channel water away from your house into a drainage system, for example, a tank. This rather simple role a gutter system plays will spare you from the agony that comes from water damage on your structure. Most of us recognize the danger posed by heavy rains on our homes; from leaking roofs to the rotting siding. This damage is aggravated especially when gutters are absent. It is for this reason that most homeowners have gutters and more local construction authorities make it compulsory to have one.

Benefits of having a gutter system.

Does Your Home Have a Gutter System? It should! Here are the reasons why:

  • To prevent roof leaks and decay

To begin with, gutters are your first line of defense against leaks and rot. In one way or another, your home’s walls may not be fully waterproof, and some of the components of your roof may also be susceptible to water damage. Similarly, heavy rains may break or shift shingles, creating gaps through which water intrudes your home. This is the onset of rotting in your siding and roof. To put it in another way, without having an effective way to get rid of water from your roof, major components of your home will begin to fail one at a time. Consequently, you will end up spending heavily to conduct repairs, or even worse, replacements.

On the other hand, if you install an efficient gutter system, the rainwater shall be channeled to a drainage system, causing no problem.

  • To eliminate the threat of erosion

Just as you should be wary of water damage to your home, beware of the havoc it could wreak on your lawn. Gutters are an effective means of protecting against splash erosion. Splashing water from heavy rains makes soil loose and destroy the plush green areas in your yard. Loose eroded soil is of significantly poor quality, with low nutrients and moisture. Furthermore, heavy erosion around your home will take away the curb appeal. Imagine a landscape filled with gaping holes, or worse still, muddy soil and pools of water in your yard.

A properly-installed, robust gutter will contain the erosion, channeling water to a tank, thus preventing rainwater from accumulating or splashing on the ground.

  • To secure the integrity of your house’s foundation

Close attention must be paid to your home’s foundation since it is the bastion of your home’s structural stability. When water gathers around your home’s foundation, the soil beneath will become soft. The seeping water, by making the soil soft, makes your home’s foundation to lose stability. The primary sign of the effects of water on foundations is the emergence of cracks on surfaces. Now, you don’t have to be schooled to know how great a danger unattended cracks are to the structure of a house. In fact, at such a stage, a total structural collapse of the house would be only a matter of time.

Therefore, while you may hesitate to install or replace your gutters, remember that correcting problems with your foundation is much more expensive.

  • To manage the distribution of water

One other benefit of installing gutters to your house is that you can have total control of the rainwater. You can choose to channel it to a storage tank, to water your lawn, wash your car, or just get rid of it altogether.

  • To prevent the growth of mold

When your house’s exterior accumulates excessive moisture, there is a high probability that mold would grow luxuriantly in the attic or siding due to high humidity and poor ventilation. Removing mold from your home is quite tedious, and can be toxic; a health hazard to your family. With a rain gutter system, the chances of mold growth are minimized because water seepage shall have been reduced.

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How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home

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Windows wear out over time. When yours wear out, and you want to replace them with new energy-efficient options. Double pane windows will significantly bring down your home cooling and heating costs while revamping your curb appeal to give your home a tinge of glamour.

However, choosing the perfect fit window can be a daunting task considering that they come in many styles, materials, and features. Besides, since a windows replacement is a major investment, doing your due diligence before making a choice will save you a lot of headaches. In this post, we share with you the details on how to choose replacement windows for your home.

New Windows or Replacement Windows? 

One of the crucial choices you have to make is whether to buy a new set of windows or replacements. So, what’s the difference between the two options?

1. New Windows 

A new window is normally installed when you want to increase or reduce the size or the shape of your existing window openings. In doing so, you usually have to install an entirely new set of windows. To get it right the first time, it generally requires that you hire a windows contractor. Although new windows may not be as costly as replacement windows, they are labor-intensive, which raises their cost.

2. Replacement Windows 

Replacement windows, on the other hand, involve removing your old windows without reducing or expanding the window opening and replacing the windows with a new set that perfectly fits the existing opening. Replacement windows cost almost the same amount as new windows, but the installation is less labor-intensive, which makes them less costly.

Replacement windows are a great option when your aging window frames are still in great condition or if the trim is a good fit for your current décor. The fact that it’s less labor-intensive makes replacement windows perfect if you are on a budget. Depending on your supplier or manufacturer, you can get a custom size or a regular size.

Replacement Window Styles

After making up your mind on whether to go ahead with new windows or replacement windows, the next milestone is choosing the style or the type of windows you want for your home. The most common types are; double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, and sliding windows.

Window Materials 

Once you are certain of the window style, next, you need to choose the window material. The most common window materials are wood and vinyl windows. Besides the two, there are other variations like aluminum windows and wood-clad windows, which are not so popular because they are not as energy-efficient as the two.

Choosing the Window Glass

Technological advancements have led to the development of a variety of window glasses. This has expanded the options you can choose from. Be it a single, double, triple, or quadruple window pane; you can be sure that there’s a window glass for your panes.

However, the number of window panes on the style you choose does not necessarily improve or reduce the energy efficiency of your window, but how much air the panes of the glass trap does. Lately, most manufacturers use inactive gases between the panes to enhance the panes’ energy efficiency, which insulates way better than air.

Quality of the Window

For windows, you get exactly what you pay for. The quality is usually directly proportional to the amount you spend. While the window’s cost is a significant consideration when making a purchase, it is vital that you go for a quality pick made by a renowned window manufacturer. A quality window will give you a lifetime’s service and lower your bills because they are low maintenance and save on energy.


Some windows come with warranties while most don’t. Take some time to examine the manufacturers’ warranties with regards to the insulation properties, the window glass, and fogging. A company with a reputation to keep will give you warranties on those while a careless company won’t.

Get an Experienced Window Contractor 

Getting an experienced windows contractor is a big deal. There are many contractors out there, but not all of them can be trusted, so don’t take chances. There are many ways to spot a suitable window replacement or installation expert, but your best bet is to go for a contractor who has been trained by the manufacturer. If you can’t find one, call your local home improvements association and kindly request them to help you find a popular windows contractor.

If you are in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for all your renovation needs. Schedule your free home inspection today to get started on your next window replacement project. Aspen Windows is a reputable windows installation company with over 25 years of experience assisting clients to get the best windows service.


Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying New Front Door

front door



Your front door plays a critical role in giving your home a curb appeal. The front door is the first thing anyone notices as they pull up into your home. Beyond aesthetics, your front door is of functional importance as well. The front door should allow easy access to your home’s interior while keeping malicious individuals at bay. The front door also allows light into your home’s entryway and serves as a defense against harsh weather. With all these in mind, picking a front door can be a challenging task. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 5 factors to consider when buying a front door to help you with the decision.

  1. Appearance

Your front door speaks volumes about your home and its occupants. Since it the first thing people notice as they step into your house, you will want a door that is warm and inviting. An old and worn-out door will give guests a bad first impression of your home. Various materials are available for your home. While your choice of material generally depends on the climate and interior design, the most popular materials are wood, Aluminum, and uPVC since they are bound to improve your curb appeal. Style and design also play a crucial role in your door’s appearance. Choose a style that compliments or contrasts your exterior walls and siding to get a seamless design aesthetic.

  1. Security

Every property owner prioritizes the security of their home and its occupants. Depending on where you lived, forced entry into your home could be a real threat. When the safety of your home and family is at stake, you should consider material options, door thickness, locking mechanisms, and glass options that deter unwanted entry into the building. If you live in an area that is prone to security incidents, you should invest in a door that is strong and sturdy that can scare away potential intruders. Some front doors come with security features like multi-point locks, letter plates, hinge bolts, and tamper-proof cylinders that keep your front door impenetrable.

  1. Accessibility

Besides improving your home’s aesthetic value, the front door should grant access to the interior of your property. One of the greatest considerations for your front door is size. You should ensure that it opens wide enough to let you transfer all items into and out of your house. Essentially, your door should fit both the small items and larger appliances like fridges, stoves, and beds. You should, therefore, consider all upgrades you plan to perform on your home before settling for a particular door size. Doors mainly come in two configurations: single-opening and double-opening. Settle for a single-opening door only if the sash is wide enough to allow all your items through it.

  1. Climate

You should consider the typical weather conditions before you buy a front door. You should make sure that your door can keep cold air out in winter season and cold air in during warm weather. It should also be airtight to keep drafts and winds from finding gaps to blow through during the cold season. Insulation is key when shopping for a door. Properly insulated front doors will keep indoors temperature stable, reducing your spending on energy bills. If your area is prone to harsh winds or storms, then you should invest in a strong, sturdy door that can stand up to the harsh elements.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Most modern property owners prioritize energy efficiency over anything else. A front door with Energy STAR rating keeps your utility bills low by reducing the amount of energy required to keep your indoor temperature constant. Your chosen door should block air leakage, which minimizes heat transfer during extremely cold or warm months. The quality of insulation also plays a critical role in the energy efficiency of your home. With energy efficient doors, you can keep your interior environment comfortable, protect your belongings from damage and increase your home’s resale value.


When it comes to a new front door, picking the right one gives you a greater return on investment through energy-savings, lower maintenance costs, and smoother operation. If you are in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for a consultation on door installation and replacement. We have been doing home improvements for over two and a half decades and will guide you through the most efficient and valuable choices for your entry door.


Vinyl Window Buying Guide



As we can tell, the windows don’t last forever. Sooner or later, they get damaged or old, leaving an eyesore. When your windows start to tarnish, it brings down the value of your home and triggers the need for maintenance. It is essential to take care of the windows regularly and have them replaced occasionally to maintain its value. Buying and installing a high-quality vinyl window can be an excellent investment as they will hold up better and last even longer than most generic windows. In this vinyl windows buying guide, we take you through the abcs of vinyl windows.

Old windows cause air leaks that make your home feel drafty and, consequently, may lead to further high utility expenses. Having mentioned that one of the most cost-effective ways of replacing your old windows is using vinyl windows, we’ll dive right into the buying guide. With this post, we hope to equip you with all the basic info and what to look out for when buying a vinyl replacement window.

The Features To Look Out for When Buying Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows

Below are some of the most sought after features of a vinyl window:

1. Low-emissivity glass (Low-E glass)

Low emissivity helps by blocking the ultraviolet rays without affecting the lighting of your interiors. Since they reflect the UV rays into the atmosphere while allowing higher wavelength light in, your vinyl window will keep your home cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

2. Insertion of Argon gas

This can be done by filling the spaces between glass panes with argon gas; an inert gas that limits the transfer of air between the glass panes, thus resulting in insulation; a smart way to achieve energy efficiency in your home.

3. Fade protection

If you have ever seen a piece of furniture fading due to exposure to the sun, then that’s how damaging the UV rays are. Having the fade protection coating reflects the ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere. Once the UV light is taken out of the equation by your Vinyl windows, you stand to enjoy all the benefits of natural light without the worries of your interiors suffering the negative effects of UV light.

4. Triple-pane glass

Windows with more panes of glass are more energy-efficient. You may consider replacing your old single-pane window with a double/triple-pane glass to help you save some money.

Types of vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are available in all common window types. While shopping, expect the following styles:

  • Casement windows. These windows are suitable for areas where you can hardly reach over and open the window, for instance, laundry room or over the kitchen sink.
  • Specialty windows. This can be custom-made in any shape or size, thus enabling you to replace the historically artistic windows with a non-drafty one.
  • Bay and bow windows. The bay and bow window style will allow a significant amount of light into your home. These windows are best for reading nooks, greenhouses, and other ornamental applications.
  • Double-hung windows. These are designed as all-purpose windows and can be used in most homes. This type of window can tilt inward, thus making it easy to clean.
  • Sliding windows. Sliding windows are easy to use, as all you need to do is to slide them horizontally. Siding windows are suitable for windows that are wide and short, like the basement windows.
  • Venting windows. Built for durability, with venting windows, you can expect many years of reliable and consistent operation, without worrying about maintenance. Venting windows outclass all the window styles when it comes to energy efficiency, thus making them a popular choice among homeowners.

Most homeowners and property holders can have their windows replaced with the same style of an energy-efficient window. But, you can as well change the style to suit the unique architectural features of your home or your preferences. After identifying a supplier, ask them about the style of the window. A good windows contractor will help you chose the most appropriate style for you.

Vinyl window manufacturers

Replacing windows can be rather expensive but can last for years provided they are made and installed correctly. This is why you need to find a reliable and honest manufacturer and installer for your window. The manufacturer should have a good track record of success and show testimonials from other satisfied customers.

Besides, the vinyl window warranty is essential, especially with a high-value purchase. Ensure you go through the fine print for any vinyl replacement and see what type of warranty the manufacturer is offering.

Vinyl window installation contractor

After finding the right product from the right manufacturer, find a certified expert to install the windows because if the windows are not installed correctly, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty. Like the manufacturer, the right contractor also has references, good work history on window installations, as well as sociable and knowledgeable conduct.

Benefits of vinyl windows

  • Vinyl windows are a reliable way of replacing drafty windows and improving your home’s value at an affordable price.
  • Vinyl windows are maintenance-free after installation and they come in many colors, so you can be sure that there’s something that blends well with your décor.
  • They are durable and require no painting or other modern advances that reduce the risk of cracking, peeling, fading, and warping. These windows last for up to about 30 years.
  • Vinyl windows are also energy efficient and provide more excellent thermal protection than windows made of wood or aluminum.

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Vinyl vs. Composite Windows

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If you are planning to get new windows, your immediate question will be what frame material is best for your new windows?  Windows are such a significant investment, and as a homeowner, you don’t want to make any mistakes.  While there are many other materials available, most replacement windows are made from either vinyl or composite material.

The vinyl windows are a common replacement window choice. They are made of polyvinyl chloride – a combination of pigments, plasticizers, and chemicals. On the other hand, composite windows are made of a combination of PVC polymers as well as acrylic resins, which makes a super hard, solid core. Although composite windows look like natural wood, maintaining them is easier than wooden windows.

When a homeowner is looking for a replacement window, it is essential to understand the options; differences between various types of windows. In this post, we provide an in-depth comparison between vinyl and composite windows considering various factors:

  • Cost difference

Since vinyl windows are easier to manufacture, they are less costly than composite windows. Although composite windows are more expensive compared to vinyl windows, the cost comes with a value for your money as composite provides a better insulating value than vinyl windows. However, be careful about salespersons who sell composite windows and increased insulation value (U-Value) because the “increase” is insignificant and cannot make up the cost difference.

  • Appearance

Generally, composite windows are available in many colors, while the options for vinyl windows are somewhat limited. In terms of appearance, the composite material is more appealing to the eye than vinyl. The difference between a composite window and a real wood frame window can be challenging to tell. While both vinyl and composite windows make excellent replacement windows, the composite-based windows are always a better solution if you can afford it. If not, a properly installed vinyl window should hold up for a very long time.

  • Durability and Strength

Windows made from vinyl and composite both have a durable and long-lasting finish than the traditional windows made from wood frame. This is because both composite and vinyl are relatively stable in all-weather conditions, thus preventing any possible damage to the finish of the window.

Generally, a good quality vinyl window has a lifespan of about thirty years. But, composite windows are often more rigid than their vinyl counterparts. A more rigid window can withstand many years of stronger winds as well as the window’s expansion and contraction during temperature changes. The increased firmness enables composite windows to avoid bending and twisting to outlive vinyl windows.

  • Energy Efficiency

Both vinyl and composite window materials are comparatively energy-efficient, but one of them is more efficient than the other.  Vinyl windows have insulted frames that no other window materials have. They feature foam insulation in their frames, giving them almost the same energy efficiency as the double-pane, argon gas-filled glass. The vinyl windows are designed and intended to make your home airtight. In contrast, composite windows are ideal, but they cannot pack the same energy efficiency level as the vinyl window.

  • Insulation

On insulation, composite windows are ahead of vinyl. Typically, vinyl windows are thin and hollow, while composite windows are dense and provide better insulation as well as durability. On average, composite windows offer more than 200 percent better insulation than the vinyl windows.

  • Maintenance

Vinyl, like composite windows, is low maintenance. They do not require painting, scraping or staining, and are also resistant to rot. They both may need periodic cleaning and lubrication to help them operate efficiently and look new.

  • Variety

Composite and vinyl windows both come in an assortment of colors, which allows most homeowners to choose options that best match their home theme colors and style

  • Affordability

Vinyl windows will help you save money on your energy bills as well as have a higher Return of Investment (ROI). They are also less costly. Composite windows are more expensive than the vinyl windows, which is practically baffling.


If you want the best window investment option for your home, from these, you can tell which one is best for you. Think about the material first. The material used in constructing a window has a pronounced effect on many things, including durability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, maintenance, insulation, and more.

There is no doubt the vinyl and composite windows have their highs and lows on equal measures, but you can tell exactly what’s right for your home. Go for vinyl windows if you want something more energy-efficient, affordable, and durable.

You can count on Aspen Home Improvement for the best energy-saving windows. Our expert installers have been performing home improvements in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland for over two decades. Our team of dedicated experts will, therefore, perform window installation and replacement with you in mind.

The Benefits of Professional Window Installation

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In-home improvement, window replacement and installation are popular due to the numerous benefits they offer your home. Newer windows are energy efficient, improve indoor comfort, and enhance your property’s curb appeal. As a budget-conscious homeowner, you could be tempted to install windows yourself. While DIY window installation is not far-fetched, you will require specialized tools and some carpentry knowledge to install your windows safely and effectively. On the other hand, working with a professional gives you some peace of mind as they are trained and experienced in window installation. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the benefits of professional window installation.

The Benefits of Professional Window Installation

  1. Professionals Have Access to Quality Materials

Your windows’ performance will depend a lot on the quality of materials used. It is important to get the right materials for your property and location. There are plenty of manufacturers making windows, flooding the market with plenty of options to choose from. Professional contractors have extensive experience working on windows, so they know the best products that will increase your home’s value and comfort. Most professional window installation companies have partnerships with window manufacturers. When you work with these professionals, you can access the highest quality materials at friendly prices. Professional installers will recommend the best materials and components that guarantee energy-savings and an improved curb appeal.

  1. Professionals Perform Proper Installation

The key to improving your windows’ durability is having them installed properly. When you hire a professional, they will use their past experience to guide them in performing your installation. Additionally, professional services will always send a team recruited by the level of expertise. The presence of qualified helping hands ensures that your installation is performed in a timely and efficient manner. Professional installers will take all the necessary measurements, consider insulation, and ensure there are no gaps between the window, frame and walls. When installed properly, your windows will perform optimally for decades to come.

  1. Hiring Professionals is Cost-Effective

Among the benefits of professional window installation, this is the most misunderstood since most people assume DIY projects reduce labor costs. There are, however, hidden costs associated with installing windows yourself. When you hire a professional company, you don’t have to worry about recruiting extra hands to help complete your installation. When installing windows yourself, you may have to purchase or hire safety equipment and specialized tools. Professional companies have these tools at hand, saving you unnecessary expense. Additionally, if you make any mistakes during installation, you will spend a ton on repairs. Choosing a professional window installer saves you this expense since they carry out proper installation.

  1. Warranties

Window manufacturers often offer warranties for their products. In case your window fails to perform within a certain period, you are entitled to a replacement or refund. These warranties remain valid only if the installation has been done properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Professional installation companies often enter partnerships with manufacturers where they are trained on the proper installation of their products. Among the benefits of professional window installation, a valid warranty reigns supreme. It lets you have peace of mind knowing your window will be replaced if it fails to satisfy your expectations.

  1. Qualified Contractors Offer Expert Advice

The last on our list of the benefits of professional window installation, this should not be overlooked as it has the highest effect on your home’s performance. When you are shopping for replacement windows, you take into account factors like materials, energy-efficiency, architectural style, and materials. To help you make the right choice, qualified contractors will recommend the best windows to suit your home. The contractor will offer consultation regarding your window needs, budget, and personal style to help you select the most effective options for you.

We have discussed the benefits of window installation. Call Aspen Home Improvements if you are in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland and are looking to replace your windows. We offer the best in energy-saving windows guaranteed to improve your home’s energy performance and curb appeal. Get in touch with one of our representatives to set up a consultation regarding your next window project.


Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Windows

Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Windows


Windows play an important role in any home. Windows grant your home’s occupants access to natural lighting, improve ventilation, and give your home an aesthetic appeal. As an interface between your interior and the outdoors, windows are crucial to energy management in your home. Replacing windows is one of the home improvements with the highest returns on investment.

New windows are constructed to offer enhanced insulation, which makes your home more comfortable. As a homeowner, you could be looking for the best time of the year to replace your windows. This article explores the various seasons and how they affect the success of your window replacement.

Every season has various merits and downsides that you should consider if you have decided to replace your old, drafty windows. Read along to see which time suits your preferences.

Colder Months (Fall and Winter)

While most people argue that colder months are not the best time of the year to replace your windows, these months offer their own advantages. The greatest benefit of installing your windows in this season is the reduced wait times. It is common knowledge that installing windows is easier and faster during the warmer months. As a result, most homeowners engage the services of professional window installers in spring and summer. You may have to wait for months before getting an expert to work on your project. When you choose to install your windows in the colder months, you will receive the undivided attention of your expert installer, who may even offer discounted rates.

Replacing your windows in fall also lets you take advantage of their energy-efficient properties at the onset of the next winter. Working on your windows in colder seasons may actually be pleasant for some installers since you need less energy to keep cold air out than you would for warm air. Working in the cold season will, therefore, reduce your spending on air conditioning.

Expert installers also know the proper tools and techniques to use when replacing windows in cold weather. To limit internal discomfort, experts could work on one window at a time, closing interior doors so they can limit the cold to just one room. They also use adhesives and sealants that work optimally in cold weather, ensuring a successful installation.

Warmer Months (Spring and Summer)

According to many homeowners, Spring is the best time of the year to replace your windows. The weather permits heavy installation works and people have enough time on their hands to perform home improvements. Summer is also perfect for window replacement since it is characterized by longer days that will ensure your installation is done quicker. The real reason most installers prefer the warmer months is that they have the perfect conditions for most materials to set in. Caulk ideally requires temperatures of between 5° and 20° to set in properly. These warm temperatures are characteristic of summer and springtime. Unlike in colder months, you won’t have to worry about chilly drafts that amp up your heating bill.

Installer availability is reduced during the warm months. If you are planning to replace your windows during spring or summer, you should schedule the replacement in advance to avoid the long waiting times. Warm months are also characterized by high levels of humidity which limits the formation of a tight seal and may cause damage to various window components. An expert installer can take care of this with the right knowledge and tools.

The Best Time of the Year to Replace your Windows…

With all the benefits you can accrue from installing new windows, any time is great for a replacement. Warmer months allow installers to finish up on projects quickly since they have longer days and offer ideal conditions for adhesives and caulking to set it. Cold months facilitate a worry-free installation since professionals are always available to replace your drafty, worn-out windows.

For a pain-free replacement, plan for installation during Summer, but schedule the replacement early as this will reduce waiting times. If you work with a professional, certified contractor, you could replace your windows at any time. These firms have the proper tools, knowledge, and materials to make the replacement a success even in extreme weather conditions.

Whichever season you think is the best time of the year to replace your windows, always work with an experienced, qualified window expert. Aspen Home Improvements has been performing renovations in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland for over 25 years. We offer the highest standards in materials and workmanship to improve the value of your home. Give us a call today so you can enjoy the benefits of new windows.



Quick Ways to Decorate Your Windows

Quick Ways to Decorate Your Windows


Windows have a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. Windows are the main points through which your entire family can gain access to natural light. Windows also guide your home’s occupants and visitors in the perception of space. The appearance of your windows is a reflection of your interior decorations. Since windows are always visible to anyone visiting or staying in your home, you would want them to keep their stunning luster throughout your home’s lifespan. Besides keeping them clean and shiny, there are a few DIY projects you can perform to improve your windows’ beauty. In this article, we explore quick ways to decorate your windows.

  1. Add Window Shutters

If you are looking to add charm to your window setting, get window shutters. Unlike most window treatment options on the market, shutters are an affordable way to improve privacy and security in your windows. Shutters can be adjusted for light control, and give your windows a neat, classy appearance. For as little as $10, you can get ready-made shutters that are customized to fit your windows. You can install shutters from the inside for easy access and light control, or on the exterior side to protect your windows from harsh winds and storms.

  1. Create a Wood Valance

A wood valance will give you the opportunity to add more than just curtains to your windows. If your window lacks trim, the wood valance provides a unique way to dress up your windows. The valance is hailed by DIYers as one of the most effective, quick ways to decorate your windows. Wood valances are available at local stores for as little as $20. For a custom look that matches your windows, you could make your own using simple tools and limited carpentry knowledge. You can use a stencil to throw in a corny message while at it, letting you enjoy natural light with a twist of classical décor.

  1. Get a Cutout Roller Blind

For the art-loving homeowners, this project is one of a kind. Makers of home accessories are ready to make laser-cut patterns onto fabrics to fit your idea. For $75, you can get a cutout of a city with a white or grey screening. The cutout roller blind is easy to install and can be cut to fit into your window or door panels, letting in light through the cutout patterns. This will give your rooms a clean-cut, modern yet playful look that will always be inviting. When choosing a roller blind, go for a high-quality rolling mechanism that makes it easy to roll the blind up and down.

  1. Design Frosted Glass

One of the most surprising, quick ways to decorate your windows, frosted glass will provide you with improved privacy while letting in all-natural light. Frosted glass does not completely block your view of the outdoors, making it a worthwhile window treatment. For DIY installation, all you will need is frosted glass paint and low-tack tape. You can create custom geometric patterns that give your window panes a unique look while protecting your interior from prying eyes.

  1. Add Glass Window Shelves

The last of our quick ways to decorate your windows involves treating windows that don’t need full coverage. For your kitchen and bath windows, you could install glass shelves in place of curtains. This way, you can keep your interior from prying eyes while displaying your finest collection of interior décor. On these shelves, you can showcase your collection of fine china bowls, herbs, bath accessories, or picture frames. Glass shelves liven up any room in your home without looking too intrusive on your space.

We have explored 5 quick ways to decorate your windows. Use these ideas to improve the aesthetics and protection offered by your windows. If you feel like it is time to replace your windows, talk to a professional windows installer. Aspen Home Improvements has been carrying out renovation projects in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland for over 25 years. Contact us for a consultation regarding the best window replacement and treatment options for your home. We offer the best quality in materials and workmanship, so by working with us, you are guaranteed to improve your home’s market and aesthetic value.


The Benefits of Replacing Your Siding

The Benefits of Replacing Your Siding


As your home is your pride and joy, it is important to take care of both the exterior and interior components. Siding defines your home’s exterior façade. It is one of the main components of your home’s exterior and helps protect your home from the elements. Siding is constantly exposed to harsh weather elements such as wind, rain, and hail. Due to this exposure, siding is susceptible to wear and tear over time. It is important to replace your siding material once it starts to show signs of deterioration. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of replacing your siding.

  1. Replacing your Siding Boosts Your Home’s Value

Improved resale value has to be one of the greatest benefits of replacing your siding. To take your home off the market, it has to attract potential buyers. The siding is one of the first things that prospective clients see as they enter your home. Old, worn-out siding makes your home less attractive to buyers, which reduces the overall value of your home. Replacing your siding also reduces the amount of repairs to be done by new occupants, which makes your home more likely to sell when on the market. Proper siding improves your home’s structural stability, which will get you better offers when you put your home on the market.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency

One often ignored benefit of replacing your siding is that it makes your home more energy-efficient. When replacing your siding, your contractor can update insulation on your exterior walls. When you combine new siding with insulation, you reduce heat exchange between your home and the exterior environment. Most modern siding is made using a dual-layer design- cardstock, and substrate- which block the passage of heat from both sides. Modern vinyl siding comes with foam insulation that also discourages heat transfer between your home and the environment. Thus, when you replace your siding, you reduce energy bills by creating an extra insulation layer.

  1. New Sliding Boosts Your Curb Appeal

Every homeowner loves it when their home looks beautiful. Most modern siding materials are made to withstand harsh solar radiation, keeping your home looking nicer for longer. Siding has also evolved to feature versatile styling options, including those that mimic wood, slate, or other fancy materials. You could also add different accessories and trims to give your exterior façade a unique curb appeal. Since modern siding materials are designed to resist degradation, upgrading your siding will give your home a curb appeal that will last decades.

  1. Improve your Home’s Structural Integrity

With an aging siding, water can seep into your walls, damaging wood and causing pools of water in your window sills. Water leakage through your walls can also cause cracks on your interior and exterior walls. Most of this damage can remain hidden under old siding, going unnoticed for years. When you choose a contractor to replace your siding, they can uncover unseen damage to your structure, making the necessary. Additionally, new sliding gives your home an extra layer of protection from rain, discouraging future leaks. New siding is resistant to moisture and winds, extending your home’s lifespan.

  1. Reduced Maintenance Costs

So long as it is cleaned regularly, modern siding is practically maintenance-free. New siding can stay for ages without requiring a new paint job. Modern siding is weather resistant and durable, keeping maintenance and repair costs at a minimum. Modern siding can also mold-resistant since it does not hold on to moisture. Most insects are attracted to mold. When you replace your siding, you do not need to constantly treat it to keep insects at bay. Most new siding material options are impact-resistant, so they don’t crack and dent in harsh weather, eliminating the need for constant repairs. New siding will not require attention to keep its elegant look.

New siding won’t just leave your home more appealing, you will reduce energy and maintenance costs when you replace your siding. Having explored the benefits of replacing your sliding, you could be looking for siding options that are perfect for your home. Contact Aspen Home Improvements for a discussion on the best siding options to let you enjoy your property. We have been performing renovations in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland for over 25 years. With our expertise, we guarantee you that any home improvement projects you assign to us will be carried out in the most professional and friendly manner.