6 things To Consider When Looking for Window Replacements

Double or Triple Pane Windows?

Replacing your windows for reasons such as window damages, security breaches, or changing window frames is a common thing. But how do homeowners know the best replacement windows to choose from? In as much as many replacement windows may appear the same, there is a great contrast when it comes to performance, quality, and durability. In this article, we look at 6 things to consider when looking for window replacements.

What you need to consider when looking for window replacements

1. Quality

You want your new windows to be of top quality. Good quality windows are those that are durable, safe, reliable, and also stylish. You have to make an improvement in the older windows so that you do not need to regularly replace your windows which will be very expensive. Do not focus much on the prices of the new windows. Consider the fact that good quality windows will last. Always take your time to analyze the quality of the windows and also check on the quality certification by regulatory authorities before you make the purchase. Do not compromise on quality even if it takes longer than you expected.

2. Security system

Your security starts with the type of window you are installing. Always consider that the new window has a security locking system that deters burglars. The market has windows that have advanced security features for your safety of the house. When you notice the shortcomings of the old windows in the context of security, search for better options that will guarantee your safety.

3. Price

When you are replacing your windows, consider the most affordable price in the market. Take your time to search for companies that manufacture or sell windows and pick one which provides good prices that will not burden you. Price should not compromise the quality of the window you want.  After you have gathered information on the type of windows you want, compare their prices and their qualities, then pick the window that satisfies you the most.

4. Energy efficiency

Choose windows that can serve you in all seasons. The new windows should be energy-efficient while heating your house in winter and cooling your house in summer.. For their multipurpose feature, your house will always be a better place to be.

5. The manufacturer

The reputation of the window manufacturers is important when you are replacing your windows. Reputation comes with experience the manufacturer has in the field. Customers’ reviews are good tools to rely on when you want to replace your windows. Do not always rush to the new manufacturers for window replacement yet their service delivery is not approved by previous clients rs.

6. Manufacture warranty

Warranty will help you in cases where there are malfunctions of the new windows you bought from the manufacturer. Legitimate manufacturers often have a warranty backup for their windows and other products to ensure that their customers are not in doubt of their products. When you have problems with your new windows for replacement or any service (major or minor), the warranty will cover the cost without spending your money.

7. Your home style

There is a recognizable difference between traditional and modern architectural designs. It is therefore important for you to choose your window for replacement with the design of your home in mind. The choice of replacement windows should be dictated by the design of your home. You have to choose the window that will fit your design without having to demolish a big part of your home which will attract extra cost.


Conducting a window replacement is a very serious home improvement solution. As such, you do not wish to risk spending a large sum of money on a project that will bring you loss or will last for only a short time. With this guide, we hope that you will make informed decisions.

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How Can Homeowners Speed Up Home Construction Projects

How Can Homeowners Speed Up Home Construction Projects

The ultimate goal that a home builder contracted by a client has to accomplish is by ensuring the client is satisfied. Once a contract has been signed, it is expected that the work progresses as per the dictates of the contract. However, the duration of the home construction project is dependent on the financial capacity of the homeowner amongst other factors. In this article, we examine how homeowners speed up home construction projects.

Strategies That Builders Can Use To Speed up Construction Projects

1. Use High-Quality Materials

You need to be careful when choosing materials to construct a home. In as much as quality goes in tandem with price, you need to use high-quality materials to avoid repetition of work, minimizing errors and avoiding delays. Low-quality materials are prone to breakage during construction which causes delays and more expenditure for replacements.

2. Simplify the Home Layout

You need to ensure that your layout is simple but top-notch. If you make the layout complex, it will take you a longer period to accomplish the work as a lot of details will be required. Keeping it simple translates to fewer rooms, smaller rooflines, and open kitchen plans among others; things that will make your work easier and faster.

3. Using Digital Technology

You need to embrace technology when doing your construction. The dynamics have changed in almost all sectors in development including construction. Using digital technology such as HoloLens to look at a mockup of a project, you can observe and detect the correct measurements that fit your design. This would help you avoid wastage of materials as you will be able to give your supplier the needed measurements of materials such as door frames, windows among others.

4. Work With the Client/Home Owner

Always ensure that you are inactive communication with the homeowner. This will foster understanding between you and the client to avoid situations where none of you is aware of what is expected leading to work delays. For example, situations that call for unplanned changes such as cupboard colors when you think the color is not appropriate. Communication between you and the homeowner will help avoid unnecessary delays as everyone is aware of the past, present, and future development.

5. Incorporate Design Engineer

A design engineer can be of help to your entire project right from the onset. Design engineers always have an eagle’s eye that will help you with design methods that will quicken your construction process. You may not be savvy with the requirements that will help speed up the construction process. However, by just having a design engineer, this vacuum may be filled hence easing the work and speeding the process.

6. Increase Manpower

When you work with large skilled manpower in your project, the speed of work will be high, though this requires supervision. Increasing the number of personnel might sound expensive but in a real sense, it doubles their working capacity. In the long run, it will save you money as the work that can take two days will eventually be reduced to one or half a day. There are sections that need more people working on them such as a roof. So having skilled roofers will speed up the construction project.

7. Pay Attention to the Schedule

The construction schedule will guide you through the construction process. It will help you gauge when the construction supplies should be available at the site, the manpower needed on a particular day, and other things to be done. When you have this prior information aided by the construction schedule, your work will be within the construction schedule. Paying attention to the schedule can also help a contractor gain the trust of the homeowner.

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Siding Ideas for a Stylish Home

siding ideas for a stylish home

The siding of the house has become a fundamental part of making your home attractive. It provides a refreshing look to the exterior of your house while retaining heat and preventing any form of adverse weather conditions from making your house uninhabitable from the inside. After the roof, the only other component of your home that catches the attention of most people is the siding. The intent of having a stylish siding is not only to add curb appeal but to also shed the house in good light among observers. In this article, we guide you on practical siding ideas for a stylish home. We hope to help you achieve delightful visual harmony that will assert a wow effect on friends and neighbors.

Siding Ideas for Your Stylish Home

1. Blend your siding colors

You are not restrained from mixing multiple colors for the siding of your home. Your house can have a combination of different styles that fit your favorite style. Modern architectural designs that combine traditional lap siding and vertical shiplap with a mix of colors can complete your house. You can conglomerate many ideas to achieve your goal of attaining a stylish home through employing a mix and match siding technique. However, be careful not to combine colors inappropriately as this can be a total turn off.

2. Beachfront Appeal

Ensure that your home color and structure corresponds to its surrounding. For example, if your home is located along the beach or oceanic areas, it is expected that you consider siding your house in a color that matches the theme that fits this location. For a beach area, a white siding and blue roof stick with the coastal theme.

3. Quiet Color/ Vinyl Siding Colors

It is not only bright colors that make your home stylish. You should also consider applying cool, bold colors on your house. Cool colors are ideal for houses with classical Victorian designs and will satisfy you with quality finishing. Vinyl colors you can use include: natural clay to complete a classic look with a neutral appearance, plunge pool for a natural look, and autumn red for a bold statement. You can also consider using the Dutch lap, traditional lap, and log siding among the siding colors.

4. Rustic Style

Rustic-style siding is ideal for those people who have houses close to woodlands. The idea is to have the siding of your house matching the natural environment on the outside. By having a wood-like finish, the siding shall resemble and blend with the natural environment. Dark-toned colors match the theme of most traditional homes. The siding should, therefore, take such colors.

5. Warm Roof Tone

The color of the siding should be in harmony with that of the roof. For instance, if you use bold colors on the siding, you can use bright colors on the roof. In both cases, the colors should be consistent with the theme of the neighborhood or natural environment.

6. Victorian Style Siding

Adding unique trim patterns and other siding styles will contribute to your house looking more elegant and more appealing. This technique is typical of vintage Victorian-style homes.

7. Color Saturation

Consider saturating some colors if you want your house to stand out. Colors such as blue may look great when saturated in your house.

8. Distinguished Trim

At times, your house may not look stylish when you apply only one color on the wall. By minimally blending a different color with the primary color, the visual delight of your house shall be improved. For example, applying yellow trims on the dominant black color is more attractive than the monotonous black.

9. Porch Appeal

You can use wooden panels on the exterior of your home, especially on the veranda and also in the interior on the pillars. A home featuring contemporary wooden siding with a distinct style and light color remain classy and elegant.

10. Natural Accents

Natural accents look great when architectural panels are applied to the exterior of your home to provide a modern appearance. It can be achieved by applying wood-like lap siding.

11. Subtle Adjustment

Subtle adjustment siding can be applied when you want to change the shape of your home siding. Your home may feature vertical and horizontal siding. By adding different sizes of vertical or horizontal sidings, you will be able to create a decent subtle look.

Looking to install a siding in your home? If you are looking for a siding installation service in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for a consultation for all home improvement solutions. We have been doing home improvements for over two and a half decades and will guide you to the most valuable choices for your siding.

Window Installations for Winter

Windows Are thWindows Replacement Service?

During winter, there is a common hesitation by homeowners to install or replace windows. This hesitation is understood. After all, no one wishes to let the cold winter air to replace the warm atmosphere in their home. Also, you do not wish to see roofers working in the biting cold. However, there are so many advantages of window installation in winter. During the harsh winter, a swift, solid, and professional construction is necessary. In this article, we focus on the benefits of window installations for winter so as to change the negative perception on winter window installations.

Why Install Windows During Winter?

  • Affordability

When you opt to install your windows for winter, constructors are always willing to offer discounted prices for installation. The winter season is majorly a low season as many house owners prefer doing their window installations during summer or spring to avoid the cold during winter. Now that the demand for windows is low, this is the time you need to install your windows to enjoy less expenditure and save more of your money and invest in other things such as window panes.

  • Less Busy Schedules

Windows installations for winter are designed with unique features for faster installation, unlike the regular windows. In addition, most window installers are not much occupied with a lot of work during winter and will always be waiting for your call. It is an off-season as many people have already installed their windows as they are afraid of the cold winter. When you make a request for installation during winter, the window installers will install your windows sooner than you think.

  • Efficiency

Your windows are more likely to be done properly and expertly in winter than in other seasons, though this is not always the case. This does not mean that window installations in other seasons are done shoddily. The precision employed by the window installers will be noticed almost immediately.  The expertise employed will ensure that your expectations are met.

  • Complete Flexibility

Once you call for your window installation in winter, window dealers and suppliers are always available and will want to satisfy your needs as soon as possible. Window installers will more often than not want to work within your date and time limits. The chances of you getting high-quality installations of energy-regulating windows are very high as they are tailored for this season.

  • Lower Utility Bills

Installing windows specific for winter ensures that you save on energy. Windows installed for winter have their unique ways of retaining heat without having to plug in the cables for heating the house. These windows will help you cut expenses on electricity, unlike other regular windows that do not have the features of retaining heat in your house.

If you are looking for a windows installation service in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for consultation on windows installation and replacement. We have been offering home improvement solutions for over two and a half decades and will guide you through the valuable choices for your windows.

Tips for Improving Your Home’s Value with Landscaping


The value of your home is pegged on how potential buyers perceive it. It is important to make sure that your home appeals to buyers even without aggressive advertisement for sale. The ambiance in your home should speak more than your marketing efforts. Landscaping is actually a more potent feature that will stand out among other house structures. In this article, we look into some of the best tips for improving your home’s value with landscaping.

Important Landscaping Tips That Will Improve The Value of Your Home

1. Plant trees

Trees are essential for human living in that they are the source of oxygen and also absorb carbon dioxide. This simple biological process is very important as humans cannot leave without oxygen. In addition, trees are a source of beauty in your home. There are many trees that will add to your home’s curb appeal. They include; crape myrtle, white dogwood, redbud, saucer magnolia, and Chinese pistache. Consult a surveyor or design engineer for the proper location of trees to prevent them from spreading to unwanted areas.

2. Construct a pathway

Driveways or walkways will impress potential buyers. Their conviction should start from outside. A smooth transition through a stylish walkway to the front entrance of the house gives them a good impression. Ideally, your pathway should be decorated with some flowers or plants on the sides.

3. Stylish lighting

Your home should always be attractive. Landscape lighting will always amplify your home’s appearance at night, a great feeling that will make you wish to stay at home all the time. Low voltage outdoor lights will fit the bill to maintain your low budget.

4. Enhanced Privacy

Your home should have some privacy so that not every passer-by can have a view of the inside. You can invest in windows that will allow more natural light but deters neighbors from seeing what is inside your house. Trees are also important in maintaining your home privacy especially those that provide a thick canopy that will not expose your home. Remember you are upgrading your home which translates to a higher value, ensuring privacy is central to what buyers want.

5. Install a water fountain

A water sprinkler has a unique way of giving life to any dull environment. Having a sprinkler that waters your grass, trees, and flowers in hot weather not only keeps the plants alive but also rejuvenates the look of your home. An automated irrigation system allows you to have your own time without always spending time to water your compound. Watering can take place even when you are away from home as your system is automated. This kind of technique will add value to your home as it is among the elements that attract others to buy your home.

6. Edging

The fact that you have flowers and grass is not enough to improve the value of your home. Edging ensures that there are boundaries to keep away grass from overlapping to areas such as walkways. You can use concrete or stones for edging around your flowers and house. This would keep your home always in good shape with a clear demarcation.

7. Urns and pots

Your home would look complete with flowers in a pot which helps you fill up some gaps that may be left on your veranda. You can use the pots and urns on either side of the veranda for improved ambiances. The front door is the most appropriate place to put the pots or you can put the pots or urns along the pathway as barriers to grass.


When it comes to improving the look of your home, choosing the right elements to revamp or add to your compound gives you a greater return on investment. If you are in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for a consultation on home improvements. We have been doing home improvements for over two and a half decades and will guide you through the most efficient and valuable choices for your entry door.

Fall Home Improvement Offer: Buy 4 Windows, Get 1 Free!

Fall Savings: Buy 4 Windows, Get 1 Free!



Have you been thinking about Windows Replacement? It’s time to stop thinking and start doing before you miss out on Aspen’sfall savings! The best offer on home improvement by your favorite home improvement contractor, Aspen.

Right now, when you buy 4 windows you’ll get 1 window FREE!

There are many benefits to replacing your old, damaged windows. Not only do they improve the curb appeal of your home, but they provide you with a better home environment and even increase your financial savings.

Benefits of Replacing Old Windows

Updated Style: New windows can completely transform a room! Many people don’t think about this when they redecorate the rooms in their home, but windows matching your home’s décor can add a whole new level of style. Not only will you notice, but your neighbors will too. Take a look at the variety of window styles we offer online, or come visit our Lancaster showroom!

Monthly Savings: Energy efficient windows can help homeowners save approximately 45% on heating and air conditioning costs when they switch green windows! Plus, you may qualify for energy efficient tax credits.

A Quieter Home: Replacing your windows is especially helpful for those living on busy roads. New windows can help reduce the transmission of sound coming into your home! Loud neighbors? We’ve all been there… you don’t need to move to get away; replacing your windows might be all you need!

Improve Your Comfort: We all know the struggle of having to sit in that one chair in your home that’s right next to the window in the winter. It’s FREEZING! With new windows, you can help keep that cold air from coming into your home. You might even enjoy sitting by the window watching the winter snow as it falls.

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Aspen’s Window Cleaning Tips

Aspen’s Window Cleaning Tips


Does everything look a little blurry or dingy when you look outside your window? It might be time for a good window cleaning session before it gets way too cold to have those windows open!

If you’ve upgraded your windows with Aspen then you’re in luck – our Starmark brand windowsare a breeze to clean! Starmark’s window latches allow for easy angling to clean both inside and out, plus our casement windows open a full 90°, just pop the screen out to clean.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your path to window cleaning with these expert window cleaning tips.

The Surefire Window Cleaning Tips

For The Glass

To remove any filth that may have left a layer of film over your window, a simple mixture of mild dish soap and water should do the trick; just apply to a soft cloth or sponge and wipe.

To remove heavy grime, wipe with a dry cloth first then move on to clean with soapy water, vinegar, or liquid window cleaner; there’s no need for abrasive cleaners on Starmark windows. Use a squeegee for a streak-free finish!

  • CAUTION: Using abrasive cleaners or attempting to remove built-up dirt or dried-on paint with a metal razor blade may damage Starmark’s Heat Shield™ coating.

For Window Screens

Cleaning your window screens not only allows you to see out your windows better, but it also lets more air flow through when you have your windows open. Whether you’re cleaning a conventional screen or Starmark’s innovative ThruVision Plus® screen, your best friend is a soft fiber cloth.

Using a soft cloth, wipe down the window screen with the same soap and water mixture you used on the glass and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. For tough spots, try using a bit of rubbing alcohol on the window screen.

For The Hardware

Typically all the hardware (latches or handles) needs is a little dusting, but if they’re really looking bad, a bit of soapy water will do the trick!

Learn more about Starmark windows on our website.

If your home needs a few new windows, or a complete window makeover, get in contact with our team of home improvement specialists! We will help you find the right windows for your home.