5 Steps to Choosing the Best Home Improvement Contractor

No matter the home improvement project you’re tackling, choosing the right home improvement contractor can make all the difference when it comes to how smoothly the project goes. Choosing a contractor that has the right experience and knowledge should be a more important factor than price. Of course we don’t want to pay an arm and leg for a new roof, but we also don’t want to be left with an unfinished project or unexpected costs!

To make sure you’re getting the best price and the best company for the job, follow these steps before any home improvement project:

What to do before deciding on a home improvement contractor

  1. Ask friends and family for recommendations

Go to the people you trust and ask them if they have any advice. Even if they haven’t recently completed any home projects, maybe they have a friend who has! These are people that are going to be honest with you.

  1. Check out online reviews

Angie’s List, Google, Houzz, even the company’s Facebook page… wherever you see reviews about the contractor, read them and see what others had to say!

  1. See what type of warranties contractors offer

Is the contractor willing to stand behind their products and their work? If they are, this is a good sign that they’re reliable! Read what their warranty covers and for how long.

Check out our Lifetime Warranty at Aspen Home Improvement.

  1. Set up a meeting with each contractor

As much as recommendations and reviews are helpful, there’s nothing more reassuring than meeting with each contractor for yourself. What does you gut say in each meeting? Do they seem trustworthy and professional? Do you get along? Do you feel you communicate easily and they understand you?

  1. Narrow it down and get your plans solidified, and get bids.

Once you’ve narrowed it down and decided on a couple of different home improvement contractors, nail down your home improvement project’s plans and expectations. When contractors have a better idea of your project they’re able to give you the most accurate bid and you’ll get the best price.

If you’re ready to get started on your home improvement projects (and have followed all of these steps) get in touch with our friendly home improvement experts and we’ll get you a quote for you project!

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